2014 Trophies

Sailor Crew Pos'n Race Cup
Steve Lowe   1st First Race of Season Ian Drummond
Ian Martin Clare Philbrick 1st Morning (Early) Cup
Niall Graham   2nd Morning (Early)  
Iain Robinson   3rd Morning (Early)  
Ian Martin Clare Philbrick 1st Afternoons (Early) Millenium Shield
Niall Graham   2nd Afternoons (Early)  
Dave Addison Jack Dale 3rd Afternoons (Early)  
Steve Lowe   1st Morning (Late) Millenium Plate
Mark Henman   2nd Morning (Late)  
Phil Hagan   3rd Morning (Late)  
Elizabeth Roberston Cara Buyers 1st Afternoons (Late) Millenium Salver
David Mills   2nd Afternoons (Late)  
Eleanor Nailon Jason Riby 3rd Afternoons (Late)  
Jason Riby   1st Slow Handicap Wednesday Evening Malcolm Dixon
Steve Lowe   2nd Slow Handicap Wednesday Evening  
Ian Martin Clare Philbrick 3rd Slow Handicap Wednesday Evening  
Phil Hagan   1st Morning Mix Vaux Trophy Tankard
Andrew Grieve   2nd Morning Mix  
Andy Anderson   3rd Morning Mix  
Ian Martin Clare Philbrick 1st Wednesday (Sunrise / Sunset) Presidents Cup
Steve Lowe   2nd Wednesday (Sunrise / Sunset)  
Elizabeth Roberston Cara Buyers 3rd Wednesday (Sunrise / Sunset)  
David Mills   1st Laser Morning Late Glass Bowl
Kerry Arbon   2nd Laser Morning Late  
    3rd Laser Morning Late  
Phil Hagan   1st Laser Afternoon Early Bob Hopwood
David Mills   2nd Laser Afternoon Early  
    3rd Laser Afternoon Early  
Kieran Graham   1st Laser Afternoon Late Shield
David Mills   2nd Laser Afternoon Late  
    3rd Laser Afternoon Late  
Phil Hagan   1st Laser Wednesday Evening Rose Bowl
Peter Griffith   2nd Laser Wednesday Evening  
Kieran Graham   3rd Laser Wednesday Evening  
Simon Weatherspoon   1st Barts Bash Mouth of Tyne Trophy
Simon Weatherspoon   1st Nut Cracker Winter Series Nut Cracker Shield
Andy Weatherspoon   2nd Nut Cracker Winter Series  
Mark Henman   3rd Nut Cracker Winter Series  
Simon Weatherspoon   1st Icicle Winter Series Silver Sail
Andy Weatherspoon   2nd Icicle Winter Series  
Mark Henman   3rd Icicle Winter Series  
Simon Wetherspoon   1st Boxing Day Race Cup
Steve Lowe   1st Pursuit Race RNLI Hilda Nelson
Eve English   2nd Pursuit Race RNLI  
Phil Hagan   3rd Pursuit Race RNLI  
Ian Martin   1st Sailor of the Year Littlehaven Handicap Trophy
Kieran Grahem Liam Mattimore   Special Achievement Coniston Old Man Tankard
Kieran Grahem     Broken Boat Mast Section
Jason Riby Niall Graham   Capsize Upturned Upturned Wooden OK
Elizabeth Roberston Cara Buyers   Most Improved Youth  
Eleanor Nailon     Most Improved Sailor Tankard

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